About Us

What We Are?

“Safety First” is our motto, weather it is your work place or home. Understanding that LPG accidents can be devastating and tragic it is important that we take adequate precautions while handling these equipments. At Pavan Corporation we conduct LPG awareness programmes at individual and institutional levels providing safety tips and guidelines which help people to create an environment of safety at places where LPG is used as a medium of cooking.


To enhance, engage, and empower the lives of people. Giving back to people while altering their lives for a better, more secure future. We believe that building and investing in people helps them grow; and the company grows together with them. To extend this opportunity to all to change their life positively, by bringing them greater happiness, inspiration and success!


Our vision is to create a platform to all those aspiring to make a career with us. With a product which should be a part of every home, we will strive to create an environment which will foster all round growth of everybody who partakes in this journey of success.